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“We have been registering Domains with European Domain Centre for over 5 years and I haven't found a service yet that offers a big brand name such bespoke domain support. With the help of EDC we have now secured our online brand presence around the globe along with many other valuable domains that we will keep renewing annually with them due to their flexibility and simple domain renewal process.”

Brian Woodward Online Marketing Manager, Warmup Plc

FAQ Quick Answers

When will I receive a renewal reminder?

You will receive a renewal reminder 60 days before the internal expiry date. If you have not reacted to the renewal reminder then another one will be send 30 days later and again 7 days before the deadline. If no renewal has been made within this period, then the domain will be set to expire. Our internal expiry date is set 30 days before the WHOIS expiry date in order to make sure that domains are correctly renewed or expired. It will still be possible to renew the domain after the internal expiry date and before the WHOIS date, however there could be an additional cost involved. We will contact you directly if we have not heard from you and the renewal deadline is passed. We know that many times it is simply because the contact email is not active anymore.

Upon renewal the new period will commence when the old period ends, so there is no reason to wait with the renewal until the last moment.

Abogado - abogado


“Abogado” is Spanish for lawyer.

.Abogado is the top-level domain which offers licensed attorneys an exclusive opportunity to present themselves on the Internet to a Spanish-speaking audience.

A .abogado domain name costs EUR 225 per year. Only lawyers and law firms can apply.


  • Your name as registered with their regulator;
  • The official name of your regulator (e.g., The State Bar of California);
  • The year of registration with your regulator;
  • The license number of your registration with your regulator; and
  • The jurisdiction of your regulator (country plus state, province, and/or district, as applicable).

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"We used EDC's queue system when .eu and .asia were launched, and they secured our domain names ahead of other applicants. I give my best recommendations. They always meet our goals."

Carmen Preciado
Comercial Química Massó, S.A.


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