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Can a registrar charge, when I wish to transfer a domain name away?

The losing registrar does not have any costs, when you decide to transfer away a domain name, so any charge is non ethical and should be refused by you.

Abogado - abogado


“Abogado” is Spanish for lawyer.

.Abogado is the top-level domain which offers licensed attorneys an exclusive opportunity to present themselves on the Internet to a Spanish-speaking audience.

A .abogado domain name costs EUR 225 per year. Only lawyers and law firms can apply.


  • Your name as registered with their regulator;
  • The official name of your regulator (e.g., The State Bar of California);
  • The year of registration with your regulator;
  • The license number of your registration with your regulator; and
  • The jurisdiction of your regulator (country plus state, province, and/or district, as applicable).

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