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“I recommend the services of EDC, because Christopher, as a highly principled person, is behind the management of a business with services that I have grown to trust, and I am certain others will grow to trust. In fact, I greatly appreciate the effort by EDC to help protect and market the TECHNOCORP brand, since 2006, and to deliver these services reliably and affordably”

Anthony R. Sukdeo CEO, Technosoft Business Systems

FAQ Quick Answers

When will you charge me for a registration?

You will be charged when we have verified the order. In the case that a domain cannot be registered we will refund you the amount (- bank charges), or you can choose to register another domain instead. Please make sure to check domain requirements before submitting an order to ensure that you are allowed to register the domain.

Albania -

.AL domain facts



Top level domains


1 year registration price

Eur 45

1 year renewal price

Eur 45

Registration time

5 days



Local presence offer


Free DNS


Why register an Albanian domain name

Already 600.000 of Albania´s 3,5 million population are online with a 15-20% annual growth in users. An Albanian domain name will strengthen your local online brand profile and potentially the local Google ranking as Google favours websites with local country code domains. Studies have shown that local Internet shoppers confide more in websites using local country code domains than a .com.

Who can register an Albanian domain name

The local presence requirement has just been removed, so any company outside Albania is allowed to register their Albanian domain name.

How to register an Albanian domain name

To register the Albania domain insert the or .al domain name below to check availability. You can also search for any other top level domain. Free DNS is provided for any domain registration.

Insert domainname.xx or domain name and category

European Domain Centre

We have registered Albanian domain names since 2003. Our service is directed at international companies which rely on a quick and efficient one stop shopping for all their domain names. Managing all domains in one place is a proven time saver.

If you have specific questions then please check our FAQ or contact us via the live chat, at or on tel. +4570225870 (9-17 CET).