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“We are cooperating with European Domain Centre since 2006. and we have 48 domains registered in EDC. Most of them are European but there some African and Asian domains as well, so our best recommendation for them. If we would not be happy about their service, we would get these domain names and go elsewhere, but we still are registering new domains in EDC according to our company needs. They help us to keep these domain name management in one place with reasonable management interface, flawless DNS operations and good support. ”

Piotr Kujawa Network Administrator, Wood-Mizer Industries Sp. z o.o.

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What are top level domains

There are two different kinds of top-level domains: country code and generic. Country code domains indicate a country origin (.fr (France), .jp (Japan) etc.). Generic domains are non-country specific : .com (commercial), .net (network), .org (organizations) etc.


Austria -

Get your Austrian Domain Name here. European Domain Centre is the company, which offers all +300 Top level domains.

Some domain registrars offer 10, 25, 50 top level domains. We are the only place where you can register "ALL +300 Domain Extensions worldwide" including Austria top level domains .AT and CO.AT. This is your opportunity to register domains in any country in the world.

How to register an Austrian domain name :

1. Insert your domain .at below - example
2. Press the Search button.
3. If domain is available then click the Add to cart icon.
4. Continue domain search or click Proceed to Check Out.

Order your Austrian domain before 17h CET and it will be activated inside 1 hour. You will be informed by email when activated. If you have any questions just contact us via live chat .

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"Hi, I´m Christopher Hofman Laursen, the founder of European Domain Centre. Back in 2003 I started this worldwide domain service. In my former company I was forced to use various domain registrars, as none of them offered all top level domains. This gave me too much extra work managing our domains and the ever nagging fear of losing a valuable domain one day. Not any more! With our service you will never end up in that situation. Join companies like Full Tilt Poker, Deutsche Telekom, OpenTable and many others and avoid juggling your domain portfolio"



  • All +300 Top level domains
  • Local presence agreements in 40 countries where this is required
  • Full DNS administration
  • Domains redirected to your website instantly after activation
  • Live chat function to get an instant answer to your question
  • Worldwide Domain availability check with one click
  • 5.000 companies worldwide using our service since 2003

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"Allwireless has used European Domain Centre in several important occations. They have handled all our request with outmost reponse and professionalism. Even a difficult case of a high-profile acquirement of a 3rd party-owned domain has been handled by European Domain Centre to our complete satisfaction. We give them our highest regards."

Kenneth Rosenkrantz Founder Allwireless


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Austria domain facts



Top level domains


1 year registration price

Eur 50

1 year renewal price

Eur 50

Registration time

1 day



Free DNS


Why an Austria domain registration

There are already 6 million Austrians online. A domain name in Austria will strengthen your local online brand profile. Studies have shown that local Internet shoppers confide more in a website using a local country code domain than a general one like .com. Almost 1 million .at domains have already been registered, so don´t wait too long for your Austria domain registration. Domains are assigned on a first come first served basis.

How to make an Austria domain registration (.at,

Insert the Austria domain - .at or - in the search box below to get started. An Austria domain registration is completed inside 24h There are no requirements. Free DNS will be provided for any domain registration. .At is the top level domain, while is used by companies. For brand protection it is recommended to register both.

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Customer testimonial


"When I launched my business a friend of mine recommended European Domain Centre for registering our domain names. As we had to register in different countries it was a great choice. Domain registrations are quick and they have great support"

René Vind Ludwigs Emma Ultraljudsklinik


First time registering international domain names for your company? Get off to a flying start!

Not long ago we helped one of our clients transferring 15 domains to their account with us. They had registered these 15 domains with 4 different domain registrars. Imagine annual renewal reminders from 4 different companies (4 x the worry of forgetting to renew!) , 4 different logins, 4 different administration systems etc. Of course it wasn´t their intention to spend that much time on domain administration, however if one registrar did not offer the top level domain they needed, then they had to look for it elsewhere.

You might find another good domain registrar, who can cover the top level domains you need right now, but what will happen in 2 or 5 years from now? At European Domain Centre you are insured for life that we can register your domains in any country.

Use our live chat for an instant reply to your question. Alternatively email us at or call at +4570225870 (9-17 CET). The FAQ section should also cover the most essential information. Since 2003 companies worldwide confide in our service for managing their domain portfolios. See European Domain Centre client review

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European Domain Centre

We have registered domain names in Austria since 2003. Our service is directed at international companies which rely on a quick and efficient one stop shopping for all their domain names. Managing all domains in one place is a proven time saver. Meet some of our clients here: European Domain Centre customer reviews

If you have specific questions then please check our FAQ or contact us via the live chat, at or on tel. +4570225870 (9-17 CET).