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“"The European Domain Centre has provided The Original Poster Company with domain management and support since 2006. The world of domains can be daunting but the guys at EDC make it so easy to manage and support, especially when renewing domains or changing DNS records. In addition, Christopher’s regular emailed articles on the subject are not only knowledgeable but interesting and insightful and provide us with yet another easy EDC method of keeping up to date with what is happening in the world of domains."”

Kerry Sherriff Operations Manager, The Original Poster Company Limited

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Will prices change over time?

Due to more efficient processing the hostmasters tend to reduce cost prices over time. We follow these cost cuts and since setting up in 2003 almost all prices have been reduced.

United Kingdom -

Protect your brand as a domain name here. Only EUR 15. European Domain Centre is the company, which offers all +300 Top level domains including and We even make it possible to register in countries, where a local address is required.

Buy the domain name CO.UK before 17h CET and it will be registered inside 1 hour. You will be informed by email when activated. If you have any questions just contact us via live chat.

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Customer testimonial


"Allwireless has used European Domain Centre in several important occasions. They have handled all our request with outmost reponse and professionalism. Even a difficult case of a high-profile acquirement of a 3rd party-owned domain has been handled by European Domain Centre to our complete satisfaction. We give them our highest regards."

Kenneth Rosenkrantz Founder Allwireless

English domain facts


United Kingdom

Top level domains


2 year registration price

Eur 15

Registration time

1 day



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Common questions :

1. Why should you buy a domain name UK?

Strengthen your online brand profile in The UK and improve your local Google ranking by using a domain for the local version of your web site. A study by the UK Internet authorities shows that 87% of UK internet shoppers confide more in a website using a domain than .com. If your English domain names are available then don´t wait too long to buy your domain name UK. English domain names are assigned on a first come first served basis. Almost 8 million English domain names have been registered already. is the main domain, while is used by organisations in general. If you are a business, then protect your brand by registering both domains.

2. Can I wait with the domain registration?

As long as the domain is available, it is exposed for someone else to register. Order your domain before 17h CET and the English domain will be registered in 1 hour. Nothing like a good night´s sleep!

Customer testimonial


"When I launched my business a friend of mine recommended European Domain Centre for registering our domain names. As we had to register in different countries it was a great choice. Domain registrations are quick and they have great support"

René Vind Ludwigs Emma Ultraljudsklinik

3. What happens when I order a .CO.UK domain with you?

English domain orders will be submitted instantly if we receive your order before 17h CET. You will then receive a confirmation of the domain registration, and the domain will be pointed to your website.

4. What is included in the .CO.UK domain registration?

  • Free DNS administration so you can use your domain actively from the start.
  • Access to all +300 domain extensions
  • Local presence agreement in +40 countries where a local address is required
  • Great, quick support! You can contact us via phone, email and live chat on the website

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What clients say about us:

"It's learning as has been using European Domain Centre since 2005, and we have consolidated most of our domains here, currently 19 domains, including our main production domains and also our development and test domains. The support experience has to date been a pleasant one, and support has been very helpful in cases where we have ordered "hard to get" national domains and been in the process of establishing a national presence. To date we have not received a "No, can't do that"-response from EDC. The user interface for administration is clean, easy to use and understand, and informative, as well as responsive. I highly recommend using European Domain Centre for domain management."

Jørn N. Hopland, It's learning as

"Part of my role as a PA at Man Investments is the registering of domain names and their renewal globally. We own over 500 domain names and deal with many registrant companies so I do have a lot of experience in this field. Right from the start of .eu the European Domain Name Centre have been extremely helpful, I had no experience of their system, the sunrise period and the following steps to take to register new .eu and subsequently .Asia. Christopher especially talked me through it all and helped with any queries and has continued to be helpful and friendly. I have nothing but good things to say about them in comparison to some of my other domain name registrants."

Davina Ramsay, Man Group plc

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