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“We have worked with European Domain Centre for more than 7 years, and the service has always been very good and reliable. Practically without no phone calls have they managed our domain portfolio in an efficient and flexible manner. They are invoicing all the companies in our group through one contact, which is just what we need. The web site allows you to easily manage your registered domains, and at the same time obtain new domains using their excellent search tool.”

Oscar Arranz IT Manager, Envia Telecomunicaciones, S.A.

FAQ Quick Answers

Why do some top level domains require documentation?

Some top level domains require documentation to prove that it can be registered by the applicant. This measure is a way for the local hostmasters to control that a registrant has prior rights to a domain. You can check the info box next to the domain when making a search. It will explain if there are any requirements.

Bosnia & Herzegovina - ba

Get your .BA domain name at European Domain Centre. We offer required local presence if you are not located in Bosnia-Herzegovina. The price is Eur 250 for a 1 year registration and registration time is 14 days. Since 2003 we have helped companies worldwide protecting their digital brand.

Use the domain search tool below to check if your .ba domain name is available.

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From the founder...

"Hi, I´m Christopher Hofman Laursen. We saw how other domain registrars work and did the opposite !

European Domain Centre is THE company which offers all +300 domain extensions.You can even register your domains in countries, where a local physical address is required. We´re proud to offer the safest domain renewal policy in the industry, so you will NEVER lose a domain name. We guarantee to personally contact you before the expiry date, if you´ve forgotten to renew a domain.No more waiting days for an answer from support or never receiving one. Any request by email is handled in a matter of hours - or you can simply talk to us via Live Chat .

From huge corporations to one man start-ups. Leave out chaos and time consumption when it comes to domain name management. Companies like Full Tilt Poker, Deutsche Telekom, OpenTable and many others have trusted us since 2003. I welcome you to join them today."


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.BA domain facts




Top level domain


3 year registration price

Eur 200

3 year renewal price

Eur 200

Registration time

14 days


Local registrant

Local presence offer


Free premium DNS



Why you should register .BA domains

.BA is the official top level domain for Bosnia-Herzegovina. Strengthen your online brand profile locally when you use a .ba domain name for your digital identity. Reports have shown that local customers confide more in a local top level domain than .com.

How to register a .BA domain name

Check in the search box below if your .ba domain name is available. .BA domain name registration requires local presence, however for foreign registrants we will provide our local presence agreement via our local legal partner in Sarajevo. This service is free of charge. You will need to fill out two documents, which we will send to you. It can take up to 14 working days to register a .BA domain name, however we have experienced quicker processing time. Our premium dns service is included for any domain registration.

Insert the .BA domain name below to check availability. You can also search for +300 top level domains.


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Customer Testimonial


"When I launched my business a friend of mine recommended European Domain Centre for international domain names. As we had to register in different countries it was a great choice. Domain registrations are quick and they have great support"

René Vind Ludwigs Emma Ultraljudsklinik

"Allwireless has used European Domain Centre in several important occations. They have handled all our request with outmost reponse and professionalism. Even a difficult case of a high-profile acquirement of a 3rd party-owned domain has been handled by European Domain Centre to our complete satisfaction. We give them our highest regards."

Kenneth Rosenkrantz Founder Allwireless


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European Domain Centre™

We have registered .BA domains since 2003. Our service is directed at international companies which rely on a quick and convenient one stop shopping for all their domain names. Managing all domains in one place is a proven time saver and the best way to manage the risk of forgetting to renew domains or miss out on new top level domain launches.

If you have specific questions then please check our FAQ or contact us via live chat, at or on tel. +4570225870 (9-17 CET).