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“"The European Domain Centre has provided The Original Poster Company with domain management and support since 2006. The world of domains can be daunting but the guys at EDC make it so easy to manage and support, especially when renewing domains or changing DNS records. In addition, Christopher’s regular emailed articles on the subject are not only knowledgeable but interesting and insightful and provide us with yet another easy EDC method of keeping up to date with what is happening in the world of domains."”

Kerry Sherriff Operations Manager, The Original Poster Company Limited

FAQ Quick Answers

Why do I have to renew the domain 30 days before the actual expiry date?

It is better to be safe than sorry! We are obliged by certain hostmasters to verify and pay for renewals up to 30 days before the actual expiry date. Therefore, we need an initial period to make sure that domains are renewed or expired correctly.

Upon renewal the new period will commence when the old period ends, so there is no reason to wait with the renewal until the last moment.

Aaland Islands - ax


Get your .AX domain today. We will provide the required local presence in the Aaland Islands. The price is Eur 150 for 1 year. Only businesses can apply. European Domain Centre™ is the company which offers ALL +300 domain extensions incl. AX domains. We even let you register domains in countries, where local presence is required.


You will be informed by email when your .AX domain has been activated. Below you can see all details regarding .AX domains. For any question please contact live support

.AX domain facts




Top level domain


1 year registration price

Eur 150

1 year renewal price

Eur 150

Registration time

21 days


Local registrant

Local presence offer


Free DNS



Why you should register .AX domains

.AX is the other Finland domain name. Strengthen your online brand profile in the Åland Islands and improve your local Google ranking in Finland by using a .AX domain name for the local version of your web site. If your Aaland domain name is available then don´t wait too long. .ax domains are assigned on a first come first served basis.

How to register a .AX domain name

The Åland Islands form an archipelago in the Baltic Sea. It is an administrative province, region and historical province of Finland. Check in the search box below if your .ax domain name is available. .ax domain name registration requires local presence in the Åland Islands, however for foreign registrants we will provide our local presence agreement via our local legal partner in Helsinki. This service is free of charge. Please notice that only businesses can apply for their .ax domain. Our dns service is included for any domain registration.It can take up to 21 working days to register a .AX domain name, however we have experienced quicker processing time.

Insert the .AX domain name below to check availability. You can also search for the other Finland domain name .FI and +300 top level domains.


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