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Albania - al

register your .al domain name today. Only EUR 45 for a 1 year registration of an Albanian domain name

We offer ALL top level domains, so you can manage all domains in one place

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Advantages with European Domain Centre

Albania domain facts



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1 year registration price

Eur 45

1 year renewal price

Eur 45

Registration time

5 days



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Why you should register a .AL domain name

Approximately 650.000 Albanians are online with an annual growth rate of 15-20%. A .al domain name will strengthen your local online brand profile. Studies have shown that local Internet shoppers confide more in a website using a local country code domain than a generic one like .com.

Who can register a .AL domain name

It is not necessary anymore to be present in Albania, so there are no requirements. It takes 5 working days to complete the registration. .al is the main domain, while is used by companies.

How to register an Albania domain name

To register the Albania domain name insert the or .al domain name below in the search box to check availability. You can also search for any other top level domain. Free DNS is provided for any domain registration.

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European Domain Centre

We have registered Albania domain names since 2003. Our service is directed at international companies which rely on a quick and efficient one stop shopping for all their domain names. Managing all domains in one place is a proven time saver.

If you have specific questions then please check our FAQ or contact us via the live chat, at or on tel. +4570225870 (9-17 CET).