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“I enjoy using the service simply because it is almost all automated. I don't generally have to wait for people to register domains, change DNS settings etc. It's great!”

Enda Nagle General Manager,

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Can a registrar charge, when I wish to transfer a domain name away?

The losing registrar does not have any costs, when you decide to transfer away a domain name, so any charge is non ethical and should be refused by you.

Bangladesh -

Register your Bangladesh domain name here today. A 2 year registration costs Eur 100 and takes four days to complete. There are no requirements for domain names.

To start the registration of a Bangladesh domain name insert the domain in the search box below to check for availability. Use live chat or for any question.

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Why you should register a Bangladesh domain name

Strengthen your online brand profile in Bangladesh and improve your local Google ranking by using a Bangladesh domain name for the local language version of your web site.

Insert the domain name below to check availability. You can also search for any other top level domain.

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