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“When I launched my business a friend of mine recommended European Domain Centre for international domain names. As we had to register in different countries it was a great choice. Domain registrations are quick and they have great support”

René Vind Ludwigs Director, Emma Ultraljudsklinik A/S

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Armenia - am

Get a .AM domain name today!

.AM is the official top level domain of Armenia, but is also used as a catchy domain for radio stations. At European Domain Centre we offer ALL +300 top level domains, and we even fulfill registrant requirements for you in countries where a local address is required. We have helped corporate clients manage their domain portfolio since 2003, which include companies like Campari, OpenTable, AirBnB and IstockPhoto.

Insert your .am domain name in the search box below to check for availability. There are no requirements for an .am domain name. The .am domain name will take 10 days to register, however we have experienced quicker processing times at the local administration. Our free dns service will be provided for any domain registration.

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From the founder...

"Hi, I´m Christopher Hofman Laursen.

We can help you manage all your domains in one place. Over the next couple of years more than 200 new top level domains will be launched. If you manage a big brand and have several domain names already, then you need to have a clear domain strategy from now on. European Domain Centre is one of the most trusted registrars since our start in 2003, and we can guide you in the right direction. You can contact me directly by email at to hear more. If you have any general questions you can also call +45 70 22 58 70 or use our LiveChat .


Why you should register an .am domain name

.fm is the top level domain of Armenia, but it also serves as a great sounding domain for any radio channel. .fm and .am are perfect for radio broadcasting, Internet-Only Stations, and broadcast service providers. With a .fnm or .am Internet domain name you can have an easy to remember name than is catchy. Don´t wait too long with your .am domain name. .am domains are assigned on a first come first served basis.

Insert the .am domain name below to check availability. You can also search for any other top level domain.

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Customer testimonial


We worked with EDC when we required our social domains. We received very valuable advise in securing domains on all social platforms, so that we to day have secured valuable key domains. EDC did everything from advising us in social domain strategy to require and secure the domains in a very proactive and professionel way. I can recommend everybody to seek advice and to use EDC in handling their social domains and their social domain strategy.

Kristian Bækgaard, Online Campaign Manager, Danske Spil A/S