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Why do some top level domains require documentation?

Some top level domains require documentation to prove that it can be registered by the applicant. This measure is a way for the local hostmasters to control that a registrant has prior rights to a domain. You can check the info box next to the domain when making a search. It will explain if there are any requirements.

Bahamas -

Register your domain name here. A 1 year registration costs EUR 250, and there are no requirements.

Insert the or .bs domain name below to check availability. You can also search for any other top level domain.

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How to register a or .bs domain name

To start the registration of a or .bs domain name insert the or .bs domain in the search box below to check for availability. The processing time of an or .bs domain name is 5 days, however we have experienced quicker processing times from the local administration. There are no requirements. Free dns will be offered for any domain registration. .bs is the top level domain while is used by companies. For brand protection it is recommended to register both and the .bs domain name.

Why you should register a or .bs domain name

Strengthen your online brand profile in the Bahamas and improve your local Google ranking by using a or .bs domain name for the local language version of your web site. Ensure as well that no one else will register your rightful and .bs domain names.

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