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Márcio Gregorio Okada IT Manager, Sagatiba

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Who pays VAT?

There is a 25% VAT for registrants from Denmark and individuals in the EU. All other registrants are exempt from VAT.

Antigua & Barbuda -

Register your domain name here. The price for an Antigua and Barbuda domain name is EUR 75 for 1 year and is active inside 24 hours using our service. We offer ALL top level domains.

Insert the domain name below to check availability. You can also search for any other top level domain.

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Advantages with European Domain Centre

How to register a or .ag domain name

To start the registration of a or .ag domain name insert the or .ag domain in the search box below to check for availability. The processing time of a and a .ag domain name is 1 day. Free dns will be offered for any domain registration. .ag is the top level domain while is used by companies. For brand protection it is recommended to register both and the .ag domain name.

Why you should register a or .ag domain name

Strengthen your online brand profile in Antigua and Barbuda and improve your local Google ranking by using a or .ag domain name for the local language version of your web site.

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