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“We have found European Domain Centre provide an excellent domain registration service for us over the last five or six years we have been a customer.”

Jack Hughes CTO, OPENXTRA Ltd

FAQ Quick Answers

Why do I have to renew the domain 30 days before the actual expiry date?

It is better to be safe than sorry! We are obliged by certain hostmasters to verify and pay for renewals up to 30 days before the actual expiry date. Therefore, we need an initial period to make sure that domains are renewed or expired correctly.

Upon renewal the new period will commence when the old period ends, so there is no reason to wait with the renewal until the last moment.

Bermuda - bm

.BM is the official top level domain of Bermuda. Please notice that only local companies can register a .bm domain name. The price is EUR 75 for a one year registration.

How to register a Bermuda domain name

To start the registration of a Bermuda domain name insert the .bm domain name in the search box below to check for availability. .bm domains can only be registered by companies situated in Bermuda. A document will be send to you to be signed. If you already have one .bm domain registered, then an additional document containing the description of the purpose of this domain name and reason for the aditional name is required. Registration time of a .bm domain name is 30 days, However we have experienced quicker processing time. Free dns will be offered for any domain registration.

Why you should register a Bermuda domain name

Strengthen your online brand profile in Bermuda and improve your local Google ranking by using a Bermuda domain name for the local language version of your web site.

Insert the .bm domain name below to check availability. You can also search for any other top level domain.

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