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“We have worked with European Domain Centre for more than 7 years, and the service has always been very good and reliable. Practically without no phone calls have they managed our domain portfolio in an efficient and flexible manner. They are invoicing all the companies in our group through one contact, which is just what we need. The web site allows you to easily manage your registered domains, and at the same time obtain new domains using their excellent search tool.”

Oscar Arranz IT Manager, Envia Telecomunicaciones, S.A.

FAQ Quick Answers

How do I setup a MX-record?

Please make sure that your domain is on our servers. In your account go to DNS administration and select Advanced for the domain you wish to edit. Insert the name of the Mail host server - not the IP address in MX records. Normally it will be something like

Be aware that a MX record has a terminating . (dot) at the end of the MX records target. This, in DNS terms, appends the root domains name to the target.

Anguila - ai

How to register an Anguila domain name (.ai,

Insert the Angula domain - .ai or - in the search box below to get started. To register an Anguila domain takes 5 working days, however we have experienced that the local administration can register Anguila domain names even quicker. There are no requirements. We will provide free DNS services.

Why you should register an Anguila domain name (.ai,

Strengthen your online brand profile in Anguila and improve your local Google ranking by using an Angula domain for the local version of your web site. Don´t wait too long to register your Anguila domain name, as .ai and are assigned on a first come first served basis.

Insert the Anguila domain below to check availability. You can also search for any other top level domain.

Insert domainname.xx or domain name and category

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