Customer Testimonial

“We have worked with European Domain Centre for more than 7 years, and the service has always been very good and reliable. Practically without no phone calls have they managed our domain portfolio in an efficient and flexible manner. They are invoicing all the companies in our group through one contact, which is just what we need. The web site allows you to easily manage your registered domains, and at the same time obtain new domains using their excellent search tool.”

Oscar Arranz IT Manager, Envia Telecomunicaciones, S.A.

FAQ Quick Answers

Why should I choose European Domain Centre ?

Our mission is to make sure that you can manage all your domains in one place and ensure the most convenient registration process. We do not recommend that you use different domain registrars or your hosting supplier to manage domain names. It will create confusion internally in your organisation. If you already have domains with other registrars you can always transfer them to us for free.

European Domain Centre offers ALL +300 top level domains, and we provide the local presence in countries where this is required to register your domains. We have helped companies worldwide since 2003 such as AirBnB, Campari, Lycamobile and many other businesses.

At European Domain Centre you can easily register and manage all your domains. We ensure that you can focus on your business safely in the knowledge that your domain portfolio is in safe hands.

This is what we offer :

- All top level domains - currently +300. You can check availability for all with one click.
- All documentation handled. You only have to sign if there is paperwork involved. In many countries a document in the local language has to be filled out, but don´t worry, we have done it before.
- Local presence agreements are provided in more than 40 countries, where a local address or even a local company registration is required. There is no extra charge for this.

We provide an enterprise solution from, which guarantees a 99,999% uptime and is reckoned as an industry standard solution.

Seychelles: 1 and 2 character .sc domains from 1st July 2016

(18/06/2016 10:45 pm)

Insert domainname.xx or domain name and category

The .sc registry announced the release of one- and two-character .sc premium domain names to everyone on a first-come, first-served basis as of July 1, 2016 (00:00 UTC). Please note that two-character country codes on the ISO3166 list are not eligible.
The registry has registered all possible combinations of one- and two-character .sc domains into a Registry Holding Account. Since these names are already "created", selling them will be accomplished via transferring the name from the Registry Holding account to the respective registrar account. If you are interested in these domains, please contact in order to initiate this manual process.