Customer Testimonial

“Allwireless has used European Domain Centre in several important occations. They have handled all our request with outmost reponse and professionalism. Even a difficult case of a high-profile acquirement of a 3rd party-owned domain has been handled by European Domain Centre to our complete satisfaction. We give them our highest regards.”

Kenneth Rosenkrantz Founder, Allwireless ApS

FAQ Quick Answers

How do I make a web forward ?

If you are using our DNS then go to DNS administration and click Advanced for the domain you wish to edit (Standard are for domains using our former DNS solution). To forward your domain to your website, you can either create an A-record (or AAAA record for IPV6) where you forward to an IP address (eg. 683.13.31.53), or a Web forward (e.g. using URL301 records. Use * for full subdomain administration. No matter if you type ww, wwww or nothing in front of the domain in the browser, you will be redirected to the website.

France : AFNIC to Release over 1,000 Domains

(19/10/2009 8:00 am)

AFNIC, the French Registry, has announced that they will be deleting and thus making available to the public, a list of domains previously registered by an organisation named KLTE Ltd on 2 November 2009. Here is the list of the 1058 .fr domains, which will be assigned on a first come first served basis (see .fr requirements here):


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