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“I enjoy using the service simply because it is almost all automated. I don't generally have to wait for people to register domains, change DNS settings etc. It's great!”

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FAQ Quick Answers

What should the recommended TTL be?

TTL is the time to live, and defines how frequently the website content should be updated. Be aware that the longer the TTL value is, the faster the domain resolution time periods will be. Therefore we recommend that you set the TTL between 3600 and 86400. TTL values are entered as seconds and the common TTL time value is 86400 seconds, which is virtually equal to one day (24 hours). With this value set for your domain, any changes to your DNS records will be reflected online in up to 24 hours.

You should only set the TTL at 60 when you need to make changes to the dns records to avoid outdated content. When the change has gone through, you should edit back the TTL to min 3600 for quicker load time.

For low TTLs the load time can be 30 - 60ms slower if the dns resolution is happening after the DNS resolver has expired the cached entry. This delay is the duration of the DNS resolver performing the DNS resolution for the web site.

France : AFNIC to Release over 1,000 Domains

(19/10/2009 8:00 am)

AFNIC, the French Registry, has announced that they will be deleting and thus making available to the public, a list of domains previously registered by an organisation named KLTE Ltd on 2 November 2009. Here is the list of the 1058 .fr domains, which will be assigned on a first come first served basis (see .fr requirements here):


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