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“We are cooperating with European Domain Centre since 2006. and we have 48 domains registered in EDC. Most of them are European but there some African and Asian domains as well, so our best recommendation for them. If we would not be happy about their service, we would get these domain names and go elsewhere, but we still are registering new domains in EDC according to our company needs. They help us to keep these domain name management in one place with reasonable management interface, flawless DNS operations and good support. ”

Piotr Kujawa Network Administrator, Wood-Mizer Industries Sp. z o.o.

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What is DNS?

The Domain Name System (DNS) translates domains into IP addresses.

All the basics is explained at Wikipedia

Why your hosting provider should not manage your domain names

(21/11/2012 12:04 pm)

Christopher Hofman Laursen

I read a great article today Never register a domain name with your hosting provider, which confirms an argument I have preached since the launch of European Domain Centre in 2003. In the article the author points out that registering your domain names with your hosting provider is a horrible idea for one simple reason: conflict of interest. If you one day decide to switch to a different hosting provider, it's in their best interest to prevent you from transferring your domain names. Why? Because if you point the domains to some other hosting provider you stop having to pay them. There is no guarantee that they will not complicate matters and you can potentially end up in a situation, where your domain name is kept hostage. Especially in cases where the hosting company has made themselves the administrative contact, you have absolutely no chance of recovering the domain name without their assistance.

The solution

The solution is simple: Keep your domain names with one provider and your hosting with another. If you decide to switch hosting provider, you only have to change the domain settings, but there is no transfer process or change of DNS.

Our proposal

If you manage domain names with your hosting provider today, I will therefore recommend you to transfer them to your account with us. All you have to do is e-mail me at with a list of the domains, or any question you might have about the transfer process. First of all, transfers are free of cost, and our new partnership with means that you now get a premium DNS service (99,999% uptime) included in the service. Their enterprise solution is state of the art and the reference in the area of DNS. It is included when you register or transfer a domain name. The normal price for their services is quite different, if you were to use them when managing your domains with another registrar, so profit this offer now.

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