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“I recommend the services of EDC, because Christopher, as a highly principled person, is behind the management of a business with services that I have grown to trust, and I am certain others will grow to trust. In fact, I greatly appreciate the effort by EDC to help protect and market the TECHNOCORP brand, since 2006, and to deliver these services reliably and affordably”

Anthony R. Sukdeo CEO, Technosoft Business Systems

FAQ Quick Answers

Who has to pay VAT?

There is a 25% VAT added for clients from Denmark and private registrants within the EU. All other entities are exempt from tax.

New gTLDs

From 1985-2013 260 domain extensions launched. In 2014 420 new top level domains were added!

And in 2015 hundreds more will be available, which will revolutionize the way users search on the internet, and the way businesses brand themselves. Are you ready?

New gTLDs like .paris, .auction, .club, .university and many more are already available. For the rest we offer a premium queue to optimize your chances of getting the right domain name.

There is nothing worse than missing out. Therefore we offer you a unique opportunity to grab your internet land in time. Below you can search and queue for more hundreds of new top level domains and directly register many more. A queue costs EUR 20, and it gives you the following advantages:

1. Only application in our queue system. We will block others from applying for the same name.
2. You will be contacted in time directly by our domain experts with all information and the 1 year registration price, so you are ready when it kicks off.
3. We will analyze the gTLD market for you for business opportunities and brand protection options.


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"We used EDC's queue system when .eu and .asia were launched, and they secured our domain names ahead of other applicants. I give my best recommendations. They always meet our goals."

Carmen Preciado
Comercial Química Massó, S.A.


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