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Domains 2.0

(19/01/2011 4:53 pm)


Domain names 2.0 (aka Social media usernames) are the domain names of the social media. As Facebook has now allowed members to edit the name of their user profile, this will have important consequences for your brand on social media. Not paying attention to the social networks for brand protection will mean that you lose out on your company´s rightful domains 2.0.


 European Domain Centre´s domain name 2.0 on Facebook (see above). Have you protected your names?

Just as .com domains domain names 2.0 are given on a first come first served basis. However there are obvious differences, which do not favour trademark holders :

- There are 2 billion registered domains 2.0 on the top 20 social networks, and thousands are added every day. Compare this to 200 million domain names.

- There are no legal rules to get back domain names 2.0 compared to the Unique Dispute Resolution Policy (UDRP) for domain names.

- Recovering a domain name 2.0 will mean that it is blocked for future use, so you will not be able to use it for your own business


The world is going social. 20% of top searches on Google come from user generated activity on the social networks, and it will dominate the search rankings further in the future. Since August 2010 Facebook surpassed Google in daily visits, but social networks is not only Facebook. You surely know Twitter, Linkedin and Wikipedia, but ever heard of Habbo (160 million users), Qzone (120m), Bebo (120m) or Orkut (100m)?


Is your trademark well known in countries like France or Germany? Local social networks such as Skyrock (21m users) and VZnet (16m) should be on your brand protection list.

How should you protect your trademarks as domains 2.0 ? It´s the same best practice as for domains: 1. Be pro-active, not reactive 2. Identify trademark infringement early. 3. Ensure that your contact details still work in five years from now 4. Stay updated on new social networks

To get started sign up for the email series below and you will be able to protect your domain names 2.0 on the largest social networks in the next days. Or order directly the Top 50 Username Availability Report to see where your brand name is available on the top 50 social networks to protect your domain names 2.0 right now.

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