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“We worked with EDC when we required our social domains. We received very valuable advise in securing domains on all social platforms, so that we to day have secured valuable key domains. EDC did everything from advising us in social domain strategy to require and secure the domains in a very proactive and professionel way. I can recommend everybody to seek advice and to use EDC in handling their social domains and their social domain strategy.”

Kristian Bækgaard Online Campaign Manager, Danske Spil A/S

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What are top level domains

There are two different kinds of top-level domains: country code and generic. Country code domains indicate a country origin (.fr (France), .jp (Japan) etc.). Generic domains are non-country specific : .com (commercial), .net (network), .org (organizations) etc.


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Founded by Nikolaj Borge and Christopher Hofman Laursen (Management team) in 2003, European Domain Centre has helped companies for years now to register their domain names worldwide.

Our objective is to make it as easy and convenient as a .com registration to register your domain names for any domain extension. To protect your brand name globally we provide a one stop shop covering all domain extensions and enabling you to manage all your domain names in one place. With the introduction of +400 top level domains in 2014 alone, we meet the challenges you face. We are today serving a broad portfolio of international clients from more than 150 countries. Here are some of them:

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