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“I would like to pass on thanks on behalf of the company for all the assistance you have given us over the past 3 or 4 years in relation to our domain name management. I have always found you to be very knowledgeable with fast response times to queries. I would certainly have no hesitation in recommending you to any other company. ”

Amanda Smith Executive Legal Assistant, Raymarine plc

FAQ Quick Answers

I forgot to renew my domain in time, can you still recover it?

In general it should be possible to recover and renew a domain before the actual WHOIS expiry date. However, depending on the local hostmaster it is possible that a restore fee may be charged. As our system is automatic it is possible that some domain names to be expired are auto-renewed anyway. We are then forwarding the domain name to our website like the example of as we have paid the registry for a new period.Please contact us in that case to recover it.

International domain registration

(21/06/2010 2:01 pm)

You wish to register your company name as domains in different countries. What you should know before you register international domains. European Domain Centre is the company, which offers all +300 domain extensions, so you will never have to look elsewhere.

With our +40 local presence agreements you can register your international domains almost in any country. For specific requirements you can check the info box next to each domain when you make a domain search.

Begin your domain name search. Insert the domain in the search box below and see it go LIVE in 1 hour.

How to start an international domain registration :

1. Insert a specific domain below - example, or insert your company name and select the geographical area.
2. Press the Search button.
3. If domain is free then click the Add to cart icon.
4. Continue domain search or click Proceed to Check Out.

Order your domain before 17h CET and it will be activated inside 1 hour. You will be informed by email when activated. If you have any questions just contact us via live chat .

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From the founder...

"Hi, I´m Christopher Hofman Laursen. We saw how other domain registrars work and did the opposite !

European Domain Centre is THE company which offers all +300 domain extensions.You can even register your domains in countries, where a local physical address is required. We´re proud to offer the safest domain renewal policy in the industry, so you will NEVER lose a domain name. We guarantee to personally contact you before the expiry date, if you´ve forgotten to renew a domain.No more waiting days for an answer from support or never receiving one. Any request by email is handled in a matter of hours - or you can simply talk to us via Live Chat.

From huge corporations to one man start-ups. Leave out chaos and time consumption when it comes to domain name management. Companies like Full Tilt Poker, Deutsche Telekom, OpenTable and many others have trusted us since 2003. I welcome you to join them today."



  • All +300 Top level domains
  • Local presence agreements in 40 countries where this is required
  • Internationally approved DNS servers
  • Domains redirected to your website instantly after activation
  • Live chat function to get an instant answer to your question
  • Instant domain search worldwide with one click
  • 5.000 companies worldwide using our service since 2003

Customer Testimonial


"When I launched my business a friend of mine recommended European Domain Centre for international domain names. As we had to register in different countries it was a great choice. Domain registrations are quick and they have great support"

René Vind Ludwigs Emma Ultraljudsklinik

European Domain News

"Allwireless has used European Domain Centre in several important occations. They have handled all our request with outmost reponse and professionalism. Even a difficult case of a high-profile acquirement of a 3rd party-owned domain has been handled by European Domain Centre to our complete satisfaction. We give them our highest regards."

Kenneth Rosenkrantz Founder Allwireless


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First time registering free domains for your company? Get off to a flying start!

Not long ago we helped one of our clients transferring 15 domains to their account with us. They had registered these 15 domains with 4 different domain registrars. Imagine annual renewal reminders from 4 different companies (4 x the worry of forgetting to renew!) , 4 different logins, 4 different administration systems etc. Of course it wasn´t their intention to spend that much time on domain administration, however if one registrar did not offer the top level domain they needed, then they had to look for it elsewhere.

You might find another good domain registrar, who can cover the top level domains you need right now, but what will happen in 2 or 5 years from now? At European Domain Centre you are insured for life that we can register your domains in any country.

Use our live chat for an instant reply to your question. Alternatively email us at or call at +4570225870 (9-17 CET). The FAQ section should also cover the most essential information. Since 2003 companies worldwide confide in our service for managing their domain portfolios.

Popular top level domains

Latest international domains launch: .co - Memorable, catchy and - almost - on level with .com.

Most popular of all domains right now are: .com, .eu, .it, .de,, .cn, .jp, .sg, .us, .asia, .ru.

Most popular European domain names: .at, .be, .dk, .eu, .fr, .de, .it, .nl, .pl, .pt, .ru, .es, .se.

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Domain Registrar Review

"We are cooperating with European Domain Centre since 2006. and we have 48 domains registered in EDC. Most of them are European but there some African and Asian domains as well, so our best recommendation for them. If we would not be happy about their service, we would get these domain names and go elsewhere, but we still are registering new domains in EDC according to our company needs. They help us to keep these domain name management in one place with reasonable management interface, flawless DNS operations and good support."

Piotr Kujawa
Wood-Mizer Industries Sp.z.o.o.


"It's learning as has been using European Domain Centre since 2005, and we have consolidated most of our domains here, currently 19 domains, including our main production domains and also our development and test domains. The support experience has to date been a pleasant one, and support has been very helpful in cases where we have ordered "hard to get" national domains and been in the process of establishing a national presence. To date we have not received a "No, can't do that"-response from EDC. The user interface for administration is clean, easy to use and understand, and informative, as well as responsive. I highly recommend using European Domain Centre for domain management."

Jørn N. Hopland
It´s learning as

"Part of my role as a PA at Man Investments is the registering of domain names and their renewal globally. We own over 500 domain names and deal with many registrant companies so I do have a lot of experience in this field. Right from the start of .eu the European Domain Name Centre have been extremely helpful, I had no experience of their system, the sunrise period and the following steps to take to register new .eu and subsequently .Asia. Christopher especially talked me through it all and helped with any queries and has continued to be helpful and friendly. I have nothing but good things to say about them in comparison to some of my other domain name registrants."

Davina Ramsay, Man Group plc
Man Group plc

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