Customer Testimonial

“We worked with EDC when we required our social domains. We received very valuable advise in securing domains on all social platforms, so that we to day have secured valuable key domains. EDC did everything from advising us in social domain strategy to require and secure the domains in a very proactive and professionel way. I can recommend everybody to seek advice and to use EDC in handling their social domains and their social domain strategy.”

Kristian Bækgaard Online Campaign Manager, Danske Spil A/S

FAQ Quick Answers

Where can I see the WHOIS registrant information?

Use to check registrant data

Scam Fighter Badge

The Scam Fighter badge is given to websites which help in the fight against internet scams.

The badge is an initiative from European Domain Centre. We have over the last six months - with help from a large community of website owners - created a large list of more than 500 Chinese domain name scammers. This list is visited monthly by thousands of potential victims, who learns about the scam. We cannot stop online scams, but by informing about it, we can minimize the damages. And that is why we want you on board.

Display the Scam Fighter badge on your website to show that visitors can use your information or products against scam. The scam fighter badge is a quality stamp that visitors to your website can confide in.

Who is eligible for the Scam Fighter badge?

- If you provide information on your website to help potential victims avoid scams such as counterfeiting, domain name scams, credit card scams a.o.

- If you offer products / services which fight scams such as spam filters, scam monitors, fraud detection systems etc.

Internet scam statistics

- Online counterfeit sales cost businesses $135 billion in revenue in 2012

- IC3 (the Internet Crime Complaint Center) received 289.874 consumer complaints worth $525 million in 2012

- Online banking fraud in the UK rose 12 per cent to £39.6million in 2012.