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FAQ Quick Answers

Do we need to change from your DNS when using an external hosting solution?

You do NOT need to change DNS (if you use ours) when dealing with an external email or web hosting provider. Many hosting providers tell their customers to make a DNS change, but that is NOT necessary! We recommend not to let your hosting company manage your domain names (read this article why not)

Please request from your Hosting provider, which settings are required for your domain in order to activate your hosting. It is typical to create a CNAME or A-record in the DNS administration in your client account. (E.g. www.domain.xx => a record => 123.456.78.9 or www.domain.xx => cname => hosting.provider.xx). To set up email just create an MX record (Mail exchanger) for mail.domain.xx to the Host name of the mail server. Our redirect is a 302 which is the most search engine friendly.

All domain settings with European Domain Centre are free of charge.

Free domain transfer

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European Domain Centre offers a free domain transfer for companies.

No clear internal guidelines and domains spread out with different registrars lead to confusion and lost domains. Don´t let it happen to you! With the free transfer of domain names, you will keep all domains in one place and under control.

Over time most companies end up registering domains with different domain registrars. Best practice has always been to manage all domain names from one account.


Free domain transfer "cheat sheet"

Sign up to receive our quick guide right now by email. We have collected any relevant question about domain transfers posed from clients. This two page cheat sheet will answer any question you have about your free domain transfer :


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Consider how much turnover your company would lose, if your website was closed for business for a couple of days. Most companies are accepting to negotiate with the new domain owner instead of taking them to court, given that it is the quickest solution, but in most cases it is also extremely expensive. A global player in the fashion industry paid a six digit amount in Euros to get back their .ru domain.

Why do companies forget to renew domain names?

The reason companies forget to renew their domain names is simple. Domain registrars send out emails to remind their clients that it is time to make the annual renewal. However a lot can go wrong from then on. Emails can be overlooked, ignored, end up in a spam filter or simply don´t reach the company. Contact persons will leave the companies, and their emails are closed down. What happens when the registrant ignore these emails? The domain registrars let them expire. There are even registrars who auction expiring domain names. Yes, I know. It is depressing.

Some domain registrars offer automatic domain renewals, but would you not prefer to be in control of, which domains should be renewed, and which ones you should discontinue? Forgetting to expire hundreds of domains in time can be a huge burden on the domain budget. Back in 2003 we did offer automatic domain renewals the first years, however there were too many clients, who forgot to expire their domains in time.

...that is why we introduced the best practice domain renewal

Our service is dedicated to domain managers, who wish to transfer their domains to one registrar and manage all domains in one account. Being a client of European Domain Centre you will receive a renewal reminder, when it is time to renew your domains. You will receive two more reminders, if the first one is ignored. If you still have not renewed your domains, then we will send you a personal email. If there is still no reply, we will CALL you. Yes, you heard it. There is no other domain registrar offering this level of service. It will give you the comfort of knowing that your company will never lose a domain name.

None of our clients have ever lost any domain name with us. Let me repeat: we are the only domain registrar to actually CALL you, if you have forgotten to renew your domain names. Before you decide to transfer your domains, I recommend you to contact your current domain registrar to hear if they offer the same service.


Free domain transfer "cheat sheet"

Sign up to receive our quick guide right now by email. We have collected any relevant question about domain transfers posed from clients. This two page cheat sheet will answer any question you have about domain transfers:


Get "Domain Transfer Cheat Sheet" via email - 2 page PDF

Why do companies transfer their domains to European Domain Centre?

Our service is not for everyone. But if you are in a company with international brands, doing business in several markets and it is time for the big house cleaning, then we are the best to handle this. Here is why:


Reason #1: We offer all domain extensions. There is no need for you to spread out your domain portfolio with different domain registrars

Reason #2: Local presence agreements in 40 countries, where a local address is required by the registrant

Reason #3: Great support. Safest domain renewal system, live chat, quick email support, relevant domain news directly to your inbox

Why not completely eliminate your anxiety ? Do not end up spending your time putting out fires. Gather your domain names and transfer them already today to us for free. We have made it easy for you. Profit our special offer below:


We will take care of any manual handling like documents, technical settings etc. Don´t be like Dallas Cowboys. Let other companies fumble their domain names, and let us safeguard your domains. We will handle your domains, so you can focus on what you are best at.

Do not waste this opportunity. Contact Christopher Hofman at